Strange behavior when upgrading with Docker compose

Hey there,

I’m running xwiki 14.8 with docker-compose.
In my .yml-file I specified the image-tag xwiki:stable.
Since there are some incompatible extension that I want to use I need to upgrade to xwiki 15.1.
I searched on dockerhub and it seems xwiki 15.1 is include in the tag xwiki:stable.
So i removed the current running docker image and did a new docker pull.
But after running the container with the new pulled image my xwiki website still says it runs on xwiki 14.8 (in the footer).
When I inspect the running container it says under “Env” → XWIKI_VERSION=15.1"

I still cant install the extensions since the extension manager still says they are incompatible with the installed version of xwiki 14.8.

has anyone else faced the same issue and knows how to fix it?

Thank you,

You also need to pre-delete the images.

Sorry for the late answer but did you also run the install wizard in the wiki as well.
You should be redirected to it when accessing the wiki for the first time with an admin user after the docker image upgrade.

Yes. It started automatically