Stuck by validation

Hi, I’ve an xwiki-tomcat8-mysql installed, it ran well despite the fact my mail configuration didn’t work. I set up an account with admin privileges.
I tried to fix the mail config, made an apt-get upgrade, and now i’m asked a validation code when i log in (which i never got because mail dysfunction).
How could i work this around, I have backups and full control on the server, I first wanted to act on the database to find an activation status to change for my user, but have no idea where to do this. I also tried to reinstall and restore backups, but i made them a little late, so I restore my problematic situation. Thanks for reading.

You can always access the wiki using the superadmin user (need to enable it in /etc/xwiki/xwiki.cfg first).

Thanks, I try this right now.