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For an university project, my group and I are trying to identify the most problematic XWiki components. For that, we tried to link issues with code. However, if we are not wrong, you use Github to commit and Jira for issues.

The only way we found to relate both is Jenkins. However, we can access to only 20 last builds, which makes the data collect quite biased.

We looked to the General Development Flow ( https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/DevelopmentPractices#HGeneralDevelopmentFlow ) and cannot locate a flow component where we can find further information than the 20 last builds.

Thus, is it possible to get this kind of information ?
Do you use another platform as a ticketing system ? (like a private Agile dashboard…)

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Hi @Damoy

Interesting project :slight_smile:

So, when we commit, the commits message include the JIRA issue number. That’s how you relate them. Jenkins doesn’t come into the picture. You just need to look at the git commit messages to find the related JIRAs. You can also look at the JIRA issues and if you’re logged in on JIRA you can see the commit issues. I guess that’s also queryable using the JIRA REST API.

FYI this is mentioned on https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/DevelopmentPractices#HRule:AlwaysputaJIRAissuereferenceincommitmessages

Now I’m curious about what you use as a definition of “problematic”. Would you mind to elaborate.

FYI, Clover has a definition which is a combination of less tested code + high code complexity. You can see the Clover reports (we generate one per day) at Index of /site/clover. The last one, for ex, is http://maven.xwiki.org/site/clover/20190202/clover-commons+rendering+platform-20190202-0222/dashboard.html

You can see the top project risks for example at http://maven.xwiki.org/site/clover/20190202/clover-commons+rendering+platform-20190202-0222/top-risks.html

Hope it helps

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Hello again @vmassol

Thank you a lot for your responses That is exactly the kind of data we were looking for. We did not know Clover and this should help us a lot ! :smile:

Our “problematic” definition was not very clear but we meant by that “top risk”.

Thank you again for your quick responses !