[Student] What are the hot spots of XWiki code?

Hello !

I am a Master student in software engineering and I work on a project which subject is to establish a mini paper on a chosen hypothesis related to XWiki.

Subject link that will explain better than me: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14y9zZPUz7QnHbPHQfPJwUBMVgNZYv14SMkvEqrWpSTo/edit?usp=sharing

Our group’s hypothesis is this simple:
“Are the hot spots (metrics to be defined) in the mapping of a project the most problematic?”

Our methodology to validate this hypothesis is the following:

  1. Establish a code map
  2. Try to download / install XWiki and use it as a typical user with pre-determined scenarios.
  3. Use a tracing tool like Selenium
  4. Map Github / Jira issues with code trace and (un) validate.

The project being a large-scale one, would it be possible to obtain more information concerning which part of the code is the hottest, assuming that the “hot” metric means “accessed often” by typical user ?

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If I am unclear, please, don’t hesitate to tell me.

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Hi. Some ideas:

Selenium is not tracing tool. How do you plan to use it for tracing? :slight_smile:

More generally this is a topic that would be interesting to us: knowing which features of XWiki are being used the most. For that we would need to implement something similar to Active Installations but for usage of features.

Good luck.

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Hello !

Thank you very much for you answer.

It definitively help us. :slight_smile: