Study On Rejected Refactorings

Dear developers,

As part of a research team from Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland) and University of Sannio (Italy), we have analyzed refactoring pull requests in xwiki/xwiki-platform repository and are looking for developers for a short 5-10 min survey (Online Survey Software | Qualtrics Survey Solutions). Would you please spare your time by answering some questions about refactoring-related contributions? We would greatly appreciate your input — it would help us understand how developers can improve the quality of refactoring contributions, and benefit the development process. The responses will be anonymized and handled confidentially! Thank you a lot!

If you consider this message to be spam, I’m very sorry! There will be no follow-up to bother you.

cool, where can we see the result of this analysis?


Seems that the poll is not working.