Style, class, attributes for list items (not a whole list)?

Is there a markup way to add attributes (style, class, etc.) to individual list items? For example a markup equivalent for <li data-target="#carouselExampleIndicators" data-slide-to="1"></li>.

My use case is converting bootstrap’s Carousel to xwiki markup. Mostly no problem, except for the indicator list, which has attributes like above. (Why not just use the HTML macro? I want the carousel contents to remain directly editable via the WYSIWYG editor.)

Hi @camazon. Unfortunately this doesn’t exist in Wiki Syntax 2.1. See Loading...

Of course you could use the {{html}} macro.

Thanks for your quick response, @vmassol. Glad to see the issue is already in queue.

The only reason to convert the carousel html to wiki markup is to make the slide contents editable via the CKeditor. At least in our Xwiki instace, using the HTML macro would defeat that purpose.

I’ve created a jira at Loading... for this use case. Thx

Wow…yes! Thanks for that. A WYSIWYG-editable HTML macro would be super-beneficial in general.