Stylesheet extension doesn't work on


I try to use a StyleSheetExtension on my website, but it doesn’t work.
Is it a limitation (ie linked with PR)?


Pascal B

Make sure you don’t use “global” as it requires PR.

Ok ty I’m just starting to be crazy :confused:

I wanted to apply a CSS style at my xwiki (“global”).

Then to do it, I inserted this in XWikiPreferences/Presentation " meta data text box"
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/xwiki/bin/ssx/Sandbox/EnleveDate?language=fr">

For the wiki level you should pick … “wiki” (requires Admin rights)… :slight_smile:

“Global” means farm level ie for all subwikis (requires PR).


Hum it doesn’t work for the wiki level on

.xdocLastModification {
display: none;

It’s work on current page.

Your user has admin rights on the wiki?

I suppose because it is the account to create the sub wiki: (

You can put the following in a page and preview or save it:



→ true

I have the same issue on my son website:

So it should work normally… You can also click view source when viewing your page and check that the SSX is included in the <head>.

No, the SSX in the head is a workaround: I inserted a SSX ref in XWikiPreferences/Presentation " meta data text box" because ssx extension doesn’t applied on all sub wiki.

To test the issue, I add a simple SSX in and it doesn’t work.

If I check source of page, my testssx page is not here