Subwiki confusion

Hi guys, I may sound very naive. But I am trying to get some clear idea about subwiki concept.

I initially had thought that subwikis can be arranged hierarchically. Suppose I am having one main wiki: “Department”. I have multiple department: Dept1, Dept2 etc.
Now Department can be main wiki with Dept1 and Dept2 as its child (sub)wikis. And extensions added to Department wiki are applicable on it’s subwikis also.

This is just a vague idea I had when I heard the concept subwiki.

A subwiki is just another wiki under the main wiki instance. Each subwiki will have its separate set of extensions and configs. We cannot navigate from one subwiki to another through breadcrumbs and they are not related to each other.

Can anyone give me a clear picture on it ?

Sorry for such a silly question.


Re subwikis vs nested pages, see and especially

In my opinion,

  • subwiki usually holds different sets of users/groups/extensions/pages for different organizations.
  • subwikiA maybe capable but should not access to subwikiB
  • subwiki has only one level? It seems you could not create a subwiki for a subwiki

So, in your scenario, nested pages should be the only option for you.

Not sure what you mean here. On we use several subwikis and they link to each other and even reuse each other. For example this page (see uses data from the extensions subwiki.