Subwiki: global users can edit pages, but cannot comment

I created two subwikis that are “open for any user to join” and “only global users are available in the wiki”.
Main wiki is configured to prevent unregistered users from viewing pages.

When I grant Comment and Edit rights to global groups or to individual global users, editing subwiki pages is working, but the button to add a new comment at the end of the comments’ section is missing.

I don’t see any errors in the browser console

I’m running version 14.0 self hosted

What should I check?

Thank you

I forgot to specify that the comment button is working fine for administrators

Hi, you should probably upgrade your instance: there was multiple bugs fixed since 14.0, so it’s possible that you’re hitting a previous bug already fixed. Note that in general you should either use LTS or try to keep up the upgrades if you use the stable version.

Have you tried setting the comment right directly on the page to a user for testing?