Subwiki permissions (navigation panel and tree macro not working)


I have trouble setting the correct permissions for navigation panel and page tree in subwikis and am not sure if I’m doing things correctly. Some information about our setup:


  • internal users (LDAP) → group “A”
  • external users (e-mail invite, global users in main wiki) → group “B”


  • main wiki → landing page for all other wikis, handles auth for all users (LDAP+external)
  • subwikis → isolated from each other, only accessible by respective group (e.g. “HR”, “R&D”, “OFFICE”)
    • all subwikis come from a template wiki, which handles branding, theming, permissions


  • default permissions for all subwikis are: allow Global “XWikiAdminGroup” everything explicitely (to lock anyone else out) and specific right for LDAP subgroubs (e.g. “frontdesk” (subgroup of “office”))
  • specific spaces in subwikis get their own permissions (everything with global groups from the main wiki)

Here’s the problem:
If I create a page with children in a subwiki and want a specific group to only see this page (and its children) in this wiki, I’d set the page (and children) permissions to “View” for this group. Now, when a member of this group logs in, it is possible to see the landing page that only contains the tree macro, but there’s no navigation panel on the left and no bread crumb menu on top for the children pages. Children can only be viewed by the top page’s “Children” menu entry.

How do I approach this? Do I need to set group permissions on the Navigation Panel (which only shows the empty panel but no page tree) and some macros (page tree?) for this?

Thanks in advance!