Support Oracle 19c + Java 11

Hi devs,


We’re currently supposed to support Oracle 12.x (I say supposed since our automated tests currently test on Oracle 11g but that’s an issue that we need to fix). I’m proposing that we stop supporting it officially and instead to officially support Oracle 19c since that’s the latest version of the Oracle Database (see docker-images/OracleDatabase/SingleInstance at main · oracle/docker-images · GitHub).

If we want to do more (i.e. support 2 versions - should we?) then we could also support Oracle 18c.



We’ve been testing XWiki on Java 11 for some time now and it seems to work fine. Since Java 11 is a LTS, I’m proposing that we move to support Java 11 as the main supported version (we should probably still test for Java8 too to make sure we don’t use pure Java 11 features in our sources).

So to make it clear:

  • Minimal version: Java 8
  • Supported versions: Java 8 & Java 11.


do we have any feedback on running XWiki on Oracle 19c? On the paper I’m completely ok to say we support a more recent version, but it would send the wrong message to say we support it and then see that it means x weeks of full work to make XWiki working on it…

Side note, but I guess we might need to be clear that we mean the version used to run XWiki. Not the one used to develop / compile it.

+1, given the age of Oracle 11 the current situation is a bit ridiculous


So that means recommending Java 11 and make it the default in the Debian package dependencies. We should also start using it everywhere (thinking about for example).

+1, too soon to move to Java 11 as minimum version IMO

Yes that’s a good point. We should test it first in the unsupported section or with manual testing.

Having XWiki working on it is definitely a requirement yes.

Related to this, see a proposal to downgrade to Oracle 11 that wasn’t agreed:

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