Support/Unsupport List of Confluence Migration

Do we have any list contains, support/unsupport items in confluence migration,

Reason why i ask this, is there is no import of comments and page history like that.

It would be useful, if we update this details.

History is supposed to work well, if you have issue with it please create a jira issue and explain how to reproduce. One problem with what Confluence call its “export format” is that they keep doing breaking change to it without any kind of retro compatibility so sometimes it works in a version and not in another.

For comment I don’t know but in general if you can provide a small package and explanation to reproduce what you feel is something missing/broken don’t hesitate to create a jira issues.

Okay i’ll create the corresponding jira issues.

Before that, i need to know, which confluence version is set as base for this conversion extension.

None. There is test here and there to support as many versions as possible all at the same time. So if the issue you have is because of some version I never tested before there will be a new if.