Switch to the new and more reliable nexus server when publishing commons and rendering to Maven Central

Hi, devs.

Sonatype’s nexus instance (for publishing to Maven Central) has become unusably slow. Specially in this period (possibly caused by the race for java projects to patch log4j vulnerabilities), it can take over 3 hours to close a staging repository, an operation that should normally take under 5 minutes.

They are aware of this and have started adding new projects to a secondary server: https://s01.oss.sonatype.org.

AFAICS, existing projects can request to be moved to the new server to lighten the load and the Sonatype team seem to be supportive of this. Example of such requests (as jira issues):

So I propose we do the same and create a jira issue requesting to move commons and rendering. We need to provide

  • the group ID and
  • the list of nexus users allowed to perform operations which will be moved to the new server (and then be allowed to log into it, etc.)

Once this is approved, we need to update the pom.xml to use the new nexus server URL when releasing to Maven Central with the maven nexus plugin.

This is more of an information post, since we’re almost forced to do this due to the current situation, but please feel free to express any ideas you have related to this change.


Also, FTR, once we are in agreement to do the change, I do not insist on handling the change myself, as it can be done by anyone with a Sonatype nexus account and having the above information.

I guess the most impacted by this would be the next Release Manager(s), which should continue the push on this, as I’ve handled my current release on a partly manual basis (manually finishing commons and rendering releases, both on the git side and on the nexus side).


+1 and thanks for the investigation.

+1, Thanks


I will create the jira issue following the examples you indicated.

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Thanks Edy. Sounds good to me too.

Request created on https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/OSSRH-76376

The switch is now complete, we’ll see how it goes during next release.