Table heading font colour


Hoping someone can help, I currently have the below to display a table with the table header background as 001a30. But the problem I have is that the text for the header is not visible.

Is there any way to change the text to white?

(% style=“background-color:white; text-align:left” %)
(% style=“background-color:#001a30” %)|=Title 1|=(% style=“background-color:#001a30” %)Title 2|=(% style=“background-color:#001a30” %)Title 3
|Word 1|Word 2|

Easy enough:

(% style=“background-color:#001a30” %)|=(% style=“color:white” %)TEST|=(% style=“color:white” %)TEST|=(% style=“color:white” %)TEST
| | |
| | |