Tagcloud and list of tagged pages not visible in a subwiki

I have a very strange problem: I have created several subwikis in an XWiki instance (version14.0.7 and version 15.2). In the subwikis users that are not administrators in the main wiki cannot see lists of tagged pages or a tag cloud. The respective pages can be viewed, but remain empty. I have reset programming rights and checked the rights of the users and groups, all seems fine, but still: no tag cloud, no listings of tagged pages. What am I doing wrong?

This is expected:
This is the reality:

Hello @jmiba,

I can reproduce, thanks for the report.

I can confirm I reproduce. See Loading... to follow the progress.

And sorry for the inconvenience.

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The issue is now fixed and will be available on XWiki 15.3RC1 and 14.10.8.

Thanks a lot for the report and sorry again for the inconvenience.

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Great. Thank you very much for the quick response and fast solution.