Task Manager, diagrams problem on last 11.2 stable


I installed last 11.2 on centos 7 with Java 9. I installed some applications, but when I click on any of them, i get:

Same problem with diagrams, action menu is not displayed.

Do I need to ‘activate’ the app to make it work? Or something?

Thank a lot for your very good job.

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last 11.2 stable

You mean 11.10.2? Because that’s the latest stable version.

but when I click on any of them, i get:

It’s not clear at all what’s wrong. What are you trying to achieve and you can’t?

Same problem with diagrams, action menu is not displayed.

What action menu? And did you install the Pro version or the free version? The Pro version requires a license to work.

I am on 11.10.1.
Is there a doc somewhere about using task manager?
I thought that I was supposed to see action buttons to create modify delete task. But they are not visible on the page.
Thus my question about, am I missing something to set up the task manager?
And I have same questions about diagrams… I click on the button to open it, and then what? If I cannot create anything what are those apps for?
I added a screenshot on my phone. Still no button…

If I click on manage wikis, I can do something because get a create button… On task manager, how do I create a task ? Without a create button?

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I don’t have pro version…
Let me play with admin tools to check my configuration first. I did it a few days ago and may have missed something ( I am not an expert on web things…).
So, when the check config tool will say that everything is OK, I will post a new message.

Thanks for your answer though.

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Have you tried using the “Create” button to create Tasks? Just make sure the right page type (Task) is selected in the Create Page dialog. Same applies for Diagram application probably.

The documentation for the Task Manager application should be https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Task%20Manager%20Application , but the screenshots might not be up to date. As for the free Diagram app, its page is https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Diagram+Application .