Technical taskforce in line to be on your Wikifarm!

  • description : Wiki hosting desired for Governance/Participation Manual of a vendor-independent, non-profit Working Group for the public mass scaling of e-ink screens. Website:
  • owner name : editors
  • wiki name : EI-2030

a 1000 thank yous !

Hi @EI2030

we will proceed on your wiki creation most probably next week. We are currently checking some possible issues on with Wiki creation.
We’ll let you know once it’s ready.

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thanks so much simon. really wish we could still rely on our public wiki being hosted on MyXwiki – we are on a deadline and i can’t push it off with my peers much longer.

hi again… just want to let you know that , really regrettably, we had to go ahead with another platform. if you’ve already done the effort and created it i’m ok to migrate our content to myXwiki, else please cancel our request for the setup of a wiki for us (we may come back and re-request in the future if we again would like to ask for a wiki on MyXWiki). thank you all for the great work you guys are doing.


sorry to read that, we used last week to ensure that our bugs were solved and we just patched the platform this morning, so we are now able to create again new wikis.
So just tell us if you still want a wiki, and we’ll create it.