Template permissions clarification

We’ve been working with templates some lately, and I wanted to get some clarification on behavior I think we’re seeing.

In short: we’d like to restrict the editing of /template/ pages, but not restrict the editing of resultant pages from those templates. Is that possible? What we’re finding so far is that if we have explicit edit permissions on a template page, those permissions are set on the pages created by them, such that a user can create a page from a template, and if they don’t edit the page permissions before saving, they’ll be unable to edit that page later.

Is that the expected behavior? If we want to restrict editing of templates without restricting the pages created with that template, do we use parent (inherited) permissions on the template page, so as to avoid explicit permissions on the template page?

Yes. Permissions just applying to the page are stored in the page and thus copied when the template is applied. You can, e.g., use permissions on the space that contain your templates to restrict editing of the templates.