Template Provider "template selection box" disappeared!

I am not sure when it happened. But I installed the Presentation Extension (transforms pages into sort of Powerpoint slides) and it works by creating a default Presentation Template.

So I went to try this presentation template and when I clicked the “+add” page button, it wasn´t showing the templates as it always did until last time I used it.

clicking here

takes me here! Where are the templates?

by making a search, there are still plenty of Template Provider pages

Made some searches here and on Google and found nothing about all templates disappearing.

When creating a missing link and clicking the missing link icon, it also does not show the PAGE TYPE panel to select templates


In fact, it doesn´t even work. If I click at “Criar”, I click again and again and it just reloads the page.

Ok, the problem was that somehow the SKIN was changed from Deafault XWiki Skin to Project.Skin.

Not sure how well documented this is, since I had searched and found nothing, but depending on skin used, there simply isn´t a template provider.

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