Templates/Inspirations for nice looking main page

does anyone have a pointer to some inspirations on nice looking main pages for xwiki (preferably source code)?
Best regards

Hi, if you’re asking and interested in the custom UI of XWiki’s pages itself, you can check the code on the GitHub page - Flamingo theme. All modification can be done via Skin extensions, about it you can check Skin Extension Tutorial (XWiki.org). Or you can create custom template, which will be used for new pages, check it Templates (XWiki.org)

thanks for the reply and input. I was more looking for a page layout for the main page of the Xwiki, so to speak the start page. Anyone has any suggestions on that?

That depends on your personal view preferences, how you want to change the layout, and what you want to see on the page. If you want to change something, you must find what variable or code logic is responsible for this.