Tensions I encountered while using Xwiki

  1. Overall, I’m still researching how Xwiki adds more value overall than other similar applications, for end users (not requiring a developer). I’m comparing with https://tiki.org and https://drupal.org for example. Is there an objective comparison study that the xwiki team did to clarify what makes xwiki stand out?
  2. Connecting Xwiki with other third party apps is a challenge, not much available that does not require a developer.
  3. Contact management… I followed the instructions to create something similar using Creating A Person Manager Application (XWiki.org) although the end result works (partly, I can give more details elsewhere) it is clunky and not for seriously use.
  4. For the most common actions, I feel a need to reduce the clicks. When using xwiki more actively during the day, while working on multiple posts, creating multiple posts, then minimizing clicks becomes important. I think that Xwiki needs to focus on supporting the more active users.
  5. Including another page or section of another page with javascript. Ideally I want to java-include and expand, meaning we click on a link and the page appears under the link as an included section.
  6. Better page URLS. For example, My%20Services in the URL - better rewrite the space to a dash (minus) symbol? Discussed also in Friendly url - remove spaces in url
  7. Continuous edit mode: I prefer not having to click the ‘save’ button. See google docs, see all other note taking apps like Notion, Roam Research, Obsidian, Logseq etc.
  8. Creating a sibling page (under the same parent page) takes many clicks
  9. How to easily set the page status? Draft, final, published etc
  10. Improve the autosave functionality:
    -Default autosave every 10 seconds when there is an edit.
    -default autosave activated for new pages.
    -default open pages in edit mode all the time.
    -No need to save it because of autosave. When the above mentioned continuous edit mode is implemented, this becomes obsolete because of immediate saving.
  11. Macros show hide is not working. (ShowHide Macro (XWiki.org))
  12. Favorites block opens in new page each time.
  13. Bullets and indenting are not always working.
  14. Unable to remove bullet point
    -When hitting enter after a bulleted entry, no new bullet point is added
    -When hitting the bullet button on an existing bulleted text, a new bullet point is added behind it.
  15. Relative link (i.e. in menus) dont get the domain appended. e.g. https://cce.me/xwiki/wiki/yuri/edit/Menu/Navigation/WebHome while the domain of the subwiki where the relative link is placed, uses the domain yuri.cce.me. We should want to prevent people having to add the xwiki domain to prevent hardcoding the domain name.
  16. Currently an admin link (page accessible for admins) cannot be set (it will convert to something ending with # by default). So how do admins create links to admin pages?
  17. The ‘Include macro’ keeps including it again, when editing and saving a page.
  18. Close annotation popup with Escape button. Currently cumbersome having to click on the little icon. Often people mistake closing the popup by clicking the X (which deletes the annotation)
  19. Create previous page link (dynamic page link based on browsing history)
  20. Social bookmarking missing (for collaboration and team research)
  21. Subdomain: have to login separately (when using reverse proxy) otherwise cannot edit, but can view from a logged in account. logo image not displaying, user account image not displaying.
  22. Making all links searchable as entities - bookmarking functionality #bookmarking
  23. Easily create a new page without many clicks, without inline link. For example a block ‘create sibling page’ in one click.
  24. Import and export functionality for multiple pages (bulk) from/to docx appears complicated.
  25. Relationship between xwiki sas and the xwiki open source project. Xwiki: relationship between the Open source and commercial version. What is the policy and relationship between the commercial Xwik and the open source xwiki departments? How does the open source aim to build a community of open source developers to drive innovation? Is there an exchange between solutions coming from both commercial and open source sides? When did this exchange happen, what are examples?
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Great list of points and questions. I’d like to take the time to respond.

For now, let me answer point 25.

Does the following answer it: What is the relationship between XWiki SAS and the XWiki open source project? (XWiki.org) ?


I am surprised by this. Bullets work perfectly fine for me. Hitting Enter creates a new bullet point, hitting Enter again leaves the bulleted list. Like in every website that uses CKEditor.

Thank you Vincent for the links to the relationship SAS/open source. Its an interesting case study, and in the future would like to discuss this a bit more, to hear about the whole project which may be useful for others to learn from. For another post. By the way, I read your profile and you did some impressive work, now and in the past. Good to see that this project is driven by very positive people.

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@chentao I’m trying to reproduce this issue, I had it a month ago a few times, but I’m not sure yet when It happens. I took a screenshot (shows duplicate bullet points on the same line). I will research some more…

This probably happens when you type a second level list item directly in wiki syntax, without having the firstlevel list item that goes with it. For example, having this in the wiki syntax of a page:

** Learning XWiki

will result in that result in the wysiwyg.

Just as a note, having a second level list item without a “parent” first level is not something that you should need at any point, as it’s not valid. You may have it by mistake, but you should not need to have it working.

A solution was provided in that post to configure your XWiki to alter the page names upon page creation.
Short version: it exists, it’s just not activated by default and you need to activate it.

Just to understand your feedback, does that not answer the need or you would need it to be activated by default?

Publication-related metadata for pages is not a default feature of XWiki because its built around the wiki principle that everything that is on it is “published”, can be changed at any time by anyone and rolledback to a different version. So further qualifying the content with publication related information is not “needed” and it may be adding extra load for people that want to use that wiki principle (as opposed to a CMS principle where you would need to know the publication status of things).

If you need to qualify the content you need to add that metadata yourself, either by using an application that you make yourself or, if you need a ready-to-use feature, you can use a tag.

@Yuri Note that another recent possibility is to use the Change Request application to validate modified content before it’s published in case you want to fully control what goes into your wiki. See Change Request Application (XWiki.org)

There’s also Publication Workflow Application (XWiki.org) , which you may have seen (it’s probably what @lucaa meant by “using an application” above, since she’s one of the authors of that extension ;)).

Thank you for your kind words!

It could be interesting to add a doc page on xwiki.org, similar to https://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Features/Notifications but on the topic of content control, and explain all the options that exist.

Hehe, no, I didn’t really mean that, I actually thought of a custom application (app within minutes) that a user could create on XWiki to qualify their data from the pov of publishability, as they would for any other need. The publication workflow extension is much more complicated and it actually does handle the concept of publication as well, not only the description of a state of a content. I took Yuri’s feedback as a need to describe the content of the pages and the need for this description to be there by default in the tool. I explained only why the publication state of a content is not part of the generic use-case of knowledge sharing, even if it is part of some usecases (one of which is Yuri’s, probably).

I encounter this problem a lot for whatever reason when working in the visual editor.

My solution is to go into the source view and fix the markup and continue on with my day. It’s never been enough of a bother to report it as a bug. I just chalked it up as an oddity of the visual editor.

Interesting, I didn’t really see this from the visual editor, and apparently other people here say it has always worked fine for them. Maybe it’s a browser specific thing? What browser (and its version) are you using?

I normally use a chrome based browser (vivaldi), but I have never really paid proper attention to the problem since I use the source editor so much.

I’ll pay attention and see if the problem shows up in other browsers going forward and how I created the problem in the first place.