Testing priorities proposal


Following the discussion we had for the analysis of the manual testing strategy for XWiki product, we need to establish a set of tests that are indicated to be run on each test run session among other product (and/or recommended extensions tests) (full list available at https://test.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/).

We selected the following tests to be part of the list:

For P1.Product:

Administration tests

Nested Spaces

Security tests

Search tests

App Within Minutes Tests

CKEditor tests

Wiki tests

Web tests

User tests

Notifications tests

User Mention tests

Page Likes tests

For P2.Product:

Dashboard tests

Color Themes tests

Export tests

Macros tests

Index tests

For P3.Product:

Activity Stream tests

Annotations tests

Other tests

Tag tests

Message Stream Tests

It has to be taken into consideration that on test sessions (not for every XWiki version, though) there are tests run for Recommended extensions also.

These are the current priorities for product tests:




Any feedback regarding the minimal list of tests chosen above or about changing the prioritization hierarchy of tests is welcomed.