Text is inserted multiple times

Hello! Sometimes when I want to paste the text, it is pasted several times, which is annoying.
How can I fix this, what is the problem?

Do you mean when you press a Ctrl+V keys on your keyboard? Or with variables like $doc? Or somehow else?

Yes, when I press Ctrl+V
text is inserted twice

We’ll need (much) more information, because for now what you report is ambiguous. Examples of useful information:

  • what’s the version of XWiki
  • what’s your browser
  • in which field the issue is happening

I am using google chrome
XWiki Version 2.1

Text can be pasted twice when typed into any text field Ctrl+V

XWiki 2.1 is unsupported since about 10 years. I strongly advise you to upgrade to the long term support version, currently 13.10.10.

I suspect (silently hope) @Helgin is referring to wiki syntax 2.1

Helgin if you scroll down to the bottom of your page it should say the version, i.e.:


I’m sorry, I’m looking in the wrong place, My version of XWiki is 14.7

Do you have any idea what could be causing this problem?