Text of page disappears completely


i’m a xwiki user trying to launch a knowledge base in my company.
i’ve been using xwiki (at present: XWiki 10.6.1) for the last 10 months and very frequently came across the following Problem: when opening a Page, only the title is displayed. the attachements tab displays the existing attachments correctly, the versions tab shows older version / ist not uptodate.
if i empty the browser’s chache, then the contents appear again, as well the history appears to be complete.

Now add a Operations guy that tells me “it’s the way it is, it’s a freeware, i can’t do anything” and you get my situtation.

my questions is: is there an answer for my Problem? is it a configuration error?
are there any caches (server, proxy) he could manage better?

Pardon my lack of knowledge. and Thank You kindly for any answer!

The issue you described doesn’t sound familiar to me. I don’t remember anyone complaining about this. Are there any error messages logged on the server side when this happens? You could also check the JavaScript console from the Browser’s developer tools to see if there are any JavaScript errors. Does it happens for multiple users? Different browsers?


Thank you for your fast answer. I‘m SO happy you never heard about this issue! It means it‘s not the software but something in our installation!! Fantastic news!!

I will ask for the logs.

Issue happens on

  • IE11 (i know…)
  • Firefox (don‘t know the version but can check)
  • with different users

The wiki runs in a citrix environment. If that could be an issue, i can clarify for you. The guy from IT dept only „installs“ the wiki and says he doesn‘t have a clue about anything beyond so i need to ask the proper questions.

Thank you again!

hello! i researched and could reproduce the bug with Firefox 68.4.1esr (64-bit)
your first question:

  1. there NO signs of issues in the logs.

  2. the console gave me this:
    uncaught exception: 2147746065

NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. 2 RemoteSettingsClient.jsm:280:12
get resource://services-settings/RemoteSettingsClient.jsm:280
AsyncFunctionThrow self-hosted:843

NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. ASRouter.jsm:104:8
reportError resource://activity-stream/lib/ASRouter.jsm:104
_remoteLoader resource://activity-stream/lib/ASRouter.jsm:172
AsyncFunctionThrow self-hosted:843

Unknown category for SetEventRecordingEnabled: fxmonitor
Loading mixed (insecure) display content “http://wiki2.zzz.xxxx.yyyy…ch/bin/resources/icons/xwiki/spinner.gif” on a secure page
nsLoginManager: searchLogins: formSubmitURL or httpRealm is recommended LoginManager.jsm:457:13
Loading mixed (insecure) display content “http://wiki2.zzz.xxxx.yyyy…ch/bin/resources/icons/xwiki/spinner.gif” on a secure page
Key event not available on some keyboard layouts: key=“i” modifiers=“accel,alt,shift” id=“key_browserToolbox” browser.xul
Loading mixed (insecure) display content “http://wiki2.zzz.xxxx.yyyy…ch/bin/resources/icons/xwiki/spinner.gif” on a secure page
2 jquery.min.js:3:18129
Error while detaching the thread front: ‘detach’ request packet to ‘server1.conn0.child1/context18’ can’t be sent as the connection is closed.

Stylesheets without CSSOM changes reparsed to check for errors. Refresh the page to also see errors from stylesheets changed from CSSOM and from style attributes. 3
Unknown property ‘user-select’. Declaration dropped. reps.css:23:15
Elements matching selector: .tree.noselect
Stylesheets without CSSOM changes reparsed to check for errors. Refresh the page to also see errors from stylesheets changed from CSSOM and from style attributes.

  1. different users: yes
  2. different browsers: yes

after documenting the Errors (only with FF because it’s going to be the browser for everybody), i emptied the cached web content as well as the history. then refreshed and the page contents where there again.

i hope i managed to retrieve information that you can use!!

Hi Mary!
Do you use proxy to connect your xwiki instance? Can you access to xwiki without proxy? Maybe try to use xwiki without proxy?

Hello Amadis,

i guess that we cannot choose whether to have a proxy or not :anguished:
We have now discovered that the Problem has a connection with the page’s language as well as with the sites localisation / browser language. the fact is that we don’t use the language translations nor any functionality of this area - but every time the infra-guys install a new version of xwiki they bust the default language configuration (eg. from german to english) - thus leading users to create pages in the “wrong” language - which also lead to the Problem i described at the beginning of the thread.

are now testing with no localisation and a standard language to see if the situation improves.

i’ll Keep you all posted…

Hi Mary!
I think that i18n is really the reason of your problem. One of user modify page in one language and another opens it with browser set to another language - and localized wiki shows localized page, but page have no translation to another language.
I think you in the right way - disable localization in admin interface and try again. Also Solr search can’t search fine in pages with different languages, I suppose it search only in language in language which setted in current browser.

Regards, Vadim