Text with links and quotes rendered differently between inplace edit and page

XWiki 14.10.5

Not sure how to report this, but I just edited an existing page adding some text made of quotes and links.
This is how it looked like when editing (in place editor):


But this how it rendered after hitting Save & View:


I’ve edited the page twice to be sure, and I obtained the same result.

This instead what gets rendered if edited with the WYSIWYG (dedicated page) editor:


(there were no spaces / line breaks between the links and the quoted blocks)

Did you copy/paste the text into quote block during editing?

Yes, from the Git docs pages. Though I see the same behaviour if I paste into an empty quote block or if I paste the text, then select it and add a quote block.

Indeed, it happens with any copied text, which is then pasted it as a quote. You can report it on Jira.

Can you point me to the right Jira project where to report it?

Has to be this Platform - XWiki.org JIRA.

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