The confusing WebHome

I am confused in the usage of WebHome when making a link. Is there any guild or rules of it?

You don’t need to add it.

In the following situation, WebHome must be added otherwise the link will break.

Main      // the main wiki
  + Page1
  +- SubWiki1
          + Page2

When I tried to make a link to SubWiki1:Page2 in Page1,[[SubWiki1:Page2]] will not work, while [SubWiki1:Page2.WebHome]] will work. Tested on 8.4.5 using wiki editor(not WYSIWYG).

Hmm that’s a good point. I don’t have the answer. It seems there’s a limitation for top level pages.

Does anyone remember why we have that? Or is it just a leftover that needs to be fixed?

Another wired case where WebHome must be added:

+ Page1
+ Page2
     + Page2.1

When I want to make a link to Page1 in Page2.1, [[Page1.WebHome]] will work, Otherwise the link will be broken. I am wondering the syntax to link from a subpage to a top level page. Maybe [[Page1.WebHome]] makes it a absolute path.

This is the same use case as before. Apparently when you link to a top level page you need the WebHome.

The syntax is avail here. You have in your wiki too.

Just because the syntax reference doesn’t explained the WebHome clearly, it confuses.

Maybe a better syntax for absolute path should be introduced like “/Page1” or so.

For the future we’d like to do this:

Thanks very much for sharing it, looks promising.