The contents could not be loaded when editing the document

The contents could not be loaded when editing the document, as shown in web F12:


The problem seems to be here . It looks as if CKEDITOR.plugins.xwikiMacro is not defined, but I don’t see how that can happen. What do you get if you evaluate CKEDITOR.plugins.xwikiMacro in the JavaScript console? What about CKEDITOR.plugins and CKEDITOR? It would be really strange if CKEditor is loaded without the xwiki-macro plugin.

This does seem to be related to CKE, and I’ve reinstalled the extension to look like it’s already available, but I don’t know why.

rm - rf /data/xwiki_data/extension/repository/

unzip xwiki-platform-distribution-flavor-xip-10.10. Zip -d /data/xwiki_data/extension/repository/

In addition, in wiki 10.10, the installed CKE is 1.38,

You didn’t answer my questions…

Sorry to bother you again, since im a green hand. could you plz tell me how to evaluate CKEDITOR.plugins.xwikiMacro in the JS console…

By the way, these are errors in the my console. it says’SCRIPT438: Object does not support ‘forEach’ property or method. async.js(1, 451)’ image

SCRIPT5007: unable to get undefined or null-referenced property “isMacroOutput”
EditSheet (1194 3)



I see you found how to evaluate the JavaScript. It looks like the XWiki Macro plugin for CKEditor is not loaded. Could you also evaluate:

  • CKEDITOR.plugins.xwikiResource
  • CKEDITOR.plugins.registered[‘xwiki-macro’]

Did you disable some plugins from the CKEditor administration section?

evaluate as follows :

I didn’t disable plugins, and I first noticed this problem when new users started using wikis.So I don’t understand what’s going on.

This is very strange. The code that defines the ‘isMacroOutput’ function is right after the code that adds the ‘xwiki-macro’ plugin to CKEDITOR.plugins.registered. Since CKEDITOR.plugins.registered[‘xwiki-macro’] is not null it means the Macro plugin is added, so the isMacroOutput function should be defined.

From your result of evaluating CKEDITOR I see you have CKEditor 4.11.1 which is not the latest version. Could you upgrade the CKEditor Integration extension from the Extension Manager, then clear the browser cache and try again. If it still fails, can you evaluate again CKEDITOR in the JavaScript console to check if you’re using the right CKEditor version?

Thank you very much

This issue has been resolved by upgrading CKEditor Integration from the default installation of 1.28.1 to 1.38.