The lifetime of the page

How to add the expiration date of the page, after which the page will be hidden or moved to the specified navigation section?
I think I need a date field and a macro or velocity code…

That’s something I also want to know.

DMS/ECM systems usually have this feature, so after a certain date users will be reminded to revise the process/procedures they own, and update them OR disable them.


there’s no such feature in XWiki Standard to my knowledge.
Now there might be an extension providing this feature, but I’m not aware of it, you can try to search for it in

One way to do this in XWiki would be to create an XClass with an xproperty to indicate in how many days the page would need to be reviewed. Then, either have a template so that users who want to create theee types of pages use that template or create an Event Listener to automatically add an XObject of that XClass whenever a new page is created (for example). Then add a Scheduler job to send warnings for examples. A page with a LiveData page to list pages and how many days remain till the target date is reached could also be added.

How about this?

If you have a wiki with a lot of pages, some of them might slowly get out of date. Especially in a quality management context this is highly undesirable.
A remedy against important pages getting out of date is to review then periodically. This application helps you by maintaining a list of pages together.

You must add the pages that will be need to be reviewed from “outside”. Meaning you must go to the app and then select lots of pages. Also, from screenshots it doesn´t seem you can see when the page was created to set a date like 1 year after creation.

So it’s not ideal. Ideal imho would be to be able to set date of review by X months/years after creation or last review. And probably get that by template or app. So when creating a new page in an app, it already let’s you choose review date.

Possibly, you should talk with @ClemensRobbenhaar about it.