The Navigation Tree is very slow

our XWiki is pretty big, and the navigation tree widget is very slow. It takes like one second to open each level, and on reloading the page the entire thing builds up from scratch. Is there something I can do to make it faster? I did read all threads with the same topic on here, but they all came to no conclusion at all.


I’ve same problem, do you find any solution ?

Hi, nope I sadly did not.

Can you elaborate? How many documents? Do you have some docs that take long to load (i.e. that are very big for example)?

Do you find it slow on This wiki has 10K+ documents as an example.

Hi vmassol,

the speed is similar on There is about a one-second delay per level. Our wiki is pretty “deep” - so if you are 8 layers deep you have to wait 8 seconds. This is my main issue.

I think it may have gotten better - lower levels are faster than they were in 2020, I think? But it still loads all of the levels separately.

Our Wiki has 11K documents.