The WYSIWYG edit is a spinning ball after importing an export from another xwiki site

Using xwiki 14.7, after importing an export from another xwiki instance, the wysiwyg editor no longer works and is just a spinning ball. prior to the import the editor worked.
I have found others reporting this and they mention clearing the browser cache will fix this. but it does not.

everything in /usr/lib/xwiki/WEB-INF/lib/xwiki-platform-* is 14.7
I do see a few outliers elsewhere, in the tomcat cache


all updates have been applied - and it worked in the same xwiki 14.7 instance, until data was imported from a site where it works

any ideas? thanks

@sbland we need more details from your import/export process. Did you update any specific pages or did you try to do an XWiki upgrade?

it was a full site export

the wiki versions did not match, it was being imported into 14.7

by update ‘any specific page’, would need more info