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Hi! My XWiki is deploy with https use docker image(xwiki:10.4-mysql-tomcat). And When I “save and view” a page , it is error. There are the problem .
I submit a save request success , and then it request to the jobstatus, it is a https request (example : “”), look at the screenshot:
but the response’s links is a http url(example : “”), look at the screenshot:
I also test on XWiki SAS. And it response https
So I think it is my XWiki config problem. How to fix it.
Oh! I have config the “xwiki.url.protocol=https” , but it do not work .

Any one help me :joy:

hey wuguokai,
Had the same issue and it was because I was running the server behind a reverse proxy - in order for it to work correctly, you need so specify some settings in your server.xml for tomcat:
I found the 8080 connector, and added these to the bottom of that configuration
After doing so, I did not receive the errors you indicated, as well as the other issues with “failed to lock the page”.

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Hi, could you post the complete snipped with the existing code and the code you added?
Thanks !!!

EDIT: got it - the double quotes got changed when doing copy+paste. After retyping it in the terminal it is working.