Three Macro v1.3 Released

Hi all,

The new version of Three Macro is now available.

This improves the way files are specified. Now you can use the ref parameter for specifying a single URL or a list of URLs and attachmentRef parameter to specify a single attachment or a list of attachments from any page.

More details on the extension page.

Link to the extension:

Peace. :slight_smile:

Cool! :grinning:

Note that if you wish to be consistent with other macros, we use reference elsewhere (We don’t use shorthand notations for clarity whether in code or macro parameters).

YES. I had an idea that reference was a commonly used parameter in XWiki. Might have been better if I went through the community once.

But my reason behind ref was to support both URLs and attachments in macro-three specific parameters. I didn’t know how to name the parameter that would take in URLs so I went with ref for that leaving out the possibility of using reference for attachments (because of similar/same meaning).

May be it’s a good idea to use reference for attachments within XWiki and urlReference for the URLs. Yup, I think that makes more sense. May be I will change it with the next release when I add support for a couple of new 3D object formats

Thanks for the remarks though. :).