Top 10 Changes since 9.5

Hello Everyone,

This is less of an issue but more of an honest request for help. I want to upgrade the wiki of our company, but before I am allowed to do that, I need to “sell” this to our Works Council including pointing out (economical) benefits, since the upgrade process and the inevitable testing period will produce additional expenditure.

I found the page but I didn’t manage to generate a proper changelog for my needs. To be honest, I didn’t understand the syntax of the changelog generator.

Since you are familiar with the software and probably were not so tardy regarding the upgrade, could you tell me your top 10 additions or changes since version 9.5.1 until today and what would be the best version to upgrade to?

We are using xWiki on a windows->jetty->postgresql combination at the moment.

Thank you in advance for you valuable input.

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Hi .Good that you found the release notes generator.

I’m interested to understand what you didn’t understand to use it. Could you be more specific? There’s help and examples there.

I’ll add a new note to try to make it even more explicit.

Note that this is not enough. You need to define a target version of XWki. Either 10.11.8 which is the current LTS or 11.5-rc-1 which has been released yesterday or 11.4 which was released 3 weeks ago.

This is impossible to say since it’s completely subjective. However by using the “High” importance, “User” audience and “With Screenshots” in the query generator you should get a reduced list of important release items for users (if that’s what you’re looking for).

I’ve just updated the example on to show how to achieve what you wanted. Let me know if that helps and if you’re able to use it now! Thx

I wanted a list of all changes betreen my version (9.5.1) and the last lts (10.11.8). It was not cear for me whether I would enter this
declaring a starting point
9.5+ or >9.5
as a range
9.5-11.3 or 9.5:10.1
or as a list

The problem with the list was also, that there was no indicator for the expected separator. I couldn’t see whether I should use simple whitespace, semicolon, comma or anything else.

Since you updated the example (many thanks for that :slight_smile: ), I now understand, that I will be able to create a comma separated list of all versions here.

I still am interested in your subjectivly experienced Top10, but your example for the report generator helps a lot already. I can work with that.

Again, many thanks and best regards


That would be a nice feature to have.

Actually it was there :slight_smile:

Sorry but we don’t have this info. What we have though is:

Then I simply overlooked it. My bad.

Nevertheless, I guess we can close this topic for now, since I can adapt the rest from the report generator.

Once again, thank you for your prompt reaction.

Best regards