Topic New contrib repository request

Hello, community! I am Toufiq Farhan, a studying CS. I’m new to the community but I have gone through the guidelines. I am willing to contribute to GSoC with Xwiki. Really looking forward to contribute!

My github id : * toufiqfarhan0

Hello Toufiq,

how do you want to contribute to GSoC? Note that GSoC 2023 is over and it hasn’t been announced yet if there will be a GSoC 2024. If you want to contribute to XWiki and not GSoC, have a look at our contributing guide. I suggest starting with fixing small bugs or contributing features. None of this should require a contrib repository. If you want to develop your own XWiki extension and want the contrib repository for that, you’ll first need to let us know what extension you want to develop and what the repository name should be.

I’m looking forward to your contributions!

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