Transfer Xwiki (15.10) to new server with Xwiki 16.2 problem

We can’t transfer the wiki data from the old (15.10) to the new xwiki (16.2) which is on a new server with updated Java.
The export-Import application does not work and exporting with the filter-stream application works neither.

Problem definition

Securing the wiki with: Administer Wiki => Content => Export as XAR-File. Version of the wiki 15.10

Importing this file via Filter Streams Converter into an XWiki 16.2.0.

Input configuration

Input Type => XAR input stream (xwiki+xar/1.4)

Sourcetype: xar

Output type

XWiki instance output stream (xwiki+instance)

The following error message then appears:

How can the problem be solved?

Either update the old installation to the new installation version, then export-import (or maybe migrate db and data?) or install the old version in the new install, export-import (or migrate), then update the new install to the new version.

IIRC it has never been suggested to export-import between different versions, but wait for other answers too.

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Yes, this is not the recommended way to upgrade XWiki as you loose a lot of information. The recommended way is to use the regular upgrade procedure. This is also mentioned in the upgrade guide at Upgrading to a new Java version is fully supported with a regular upgrade. Just make sure you move all data to the new server.

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Thank you very much,
We update the system in this way and everything works fine!