Translation for android authenticator is write protected

When I try to translate XWiki Contrib/Android Authenticator — German @ Weblate XWiki Authenticator the german input is greyed out and can’t be edited. This seems to affect all entries. Maybe this isn’t ready yet?

Regards, Simpel


apparently a subset of the entries of this component are not translatable: those are explicitely marked in the source of the translations (see:
Now it’s not all entries (e.g. XWiki Contrib/Android Authenticator — German @ Weblate Sign up), it’s just first ones and the other ones are already translated in German as far as I can see.

Hello Simpel, don’t you see the line in bottom part of input “The string is read-only.” on l10n side? I’ve just navigated into it and see this info explaining why I can’t provide translations.

I can read “schreibgeschützt” at the first entries. I became aware of this because this little read exclamation mark:
It’s the only one in all german translations so I took a look and found this write protected entries. I have in mind that this was set on the right side in the box under the glossar “Zeichenketteninformationen” called here. But I can’t found this property “read-only” there: