Troubles using file system for saving data

in order to reduce database space I’d like to opt for saving data via file system (
Following the documentation I put those properties into my xwiki.cfg file: = file = file = file

After doing that, I faced with some troubles, first of all I don’t see administration icons anymore (I see titles instead):

This is the second time I restored my db, the first time I had troubles with this script (, because of some corrupted document indexes it went wrong and I had to turn back. Hence I don’t want to port my old data to file system anymore (it is not so important, I’m focused on future data).

How can I get a safe and stable situation?

Thank you for support.

So the images are not displayed because you need to run the attachment porter to move the images from the database to the file system.

Why should I have to run the attachment porter if I don’t want to? I just wanted to save future attachments into file system, not the older ones (and sure not current pictures).
If this is not possible please put an info message into the wiki page because as is it seems that the porter task is not mandatory to do if we want the file system saving enabled.
Thank you again

What you say is not correct. The image you’re showing above with broken images is not future attachments but existing one, hence the issue.

Yes and this is the problem, those images were persistent and already present in db, I should see them as usual.
Maybe is the database corrupted? May I have misunderstood the file system attachment property behaviour?

The attachment store is either using the DB or the Filesystem. It cannot be both at the same time.

Note that this could be an interesting improvement for the future but it’s not how it’s working ATM (there’s no fallback implemented).

Ok, thank you for your anwers, now I understand.
I think it would be good to add this note to the documentation page because as I misunderstood this functionality it can be missread by other people.
Kind regards

Sure don’t hesitate to improve the doc, it’s a wiki! :slight_smile: