UI Icons not loading when accessing XWiki via DNS alias

Hello all,

I think I might be missing a configuration setting in my XWiki instance.

I’ve recently taken a copy of my existing installation and duplicated it on a different network. The second instance doesn’t use a reverse proxy or https. when accessing the site using localhost on port 80 everything works as expected. When I use a DNS alias none of the icons are rendered, i.e. search magnifying glass, page edit pencil, create sum sign.

Can anyone point me to where I’ve messed up?


Would really appreciate some help here guys. I’ve tried googling this to no avail.


I think you need to add a load more of details, like type of installation (standalone or Debian or WAR or docker), version, etc. Also port 80 already rings an alarm, because it’s not available by default on xwiki installations, IIRC they use 8080. Also “copy” may mean that you messed up filesystem permissions. Files need to be accessible by the application server user,…

Please add more details and spare use the speculation :wink:

Thanks for the reply @rbr.

Installation is:
XWiki 9.5.1
Tomcat (Configured to serve on port 80)
No Proxy present as it’s in a very small sandbox environment.

Permissions should be OK as behaviour is fine when accessing XWiki via http://localhost/… from server and basic user. The icon problem only rears its head when using a DNS alias (e.g. http://xwiki.local.com/). So it feels like I’ve messed up the Tomcat config somehow.

Can you try to restart the instance and access it via the DNS alias? IIRC some URLs are initialized to the value that the wiki is accessed by the first time after start. Also please check the catalina.out log if there are any pointers. Can you please check the URL of a failing picture in the browser, anything suspicious?