Unable to add a gadget in the dashboard

I have just installed the latest version of XWiki, and I would like to modify the dashboard with my admin account, with the button EDIT>ADD GADGET, but it starts spinning, once the button is chosen and the form validated spins around and nothing happens.
It is also impossible to modify the present gadget, we can select but when validating it goes around in circles. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. The extension is fine at the latest version too (14.1).

Thank’s for your help

What gadget are you trying to add?

Also, some server logs could give us more context.

I would like to add a list with the different pages that I have created, so for example a pages gadget. All right, where can we find these logs?

I can also add, when I’m in the console and I click on the add gadget button, I have an error related to “dasboard.min.js” and “jquery.min.js”, I don’t know if that to a report but it can always help

up please

Hi @finthibaut
at first try to locate catalina (tomcat) logs and analyze last lines of file, find any errors there

Regards, Vadim