Unable to connect to l10n.xwiki.org


When trying to connect to Sign in @ Weblate XWiki.org using “Xwiki authentication” I receive the following error:

“L’authentification a échoué, probablement en raison de l’expiration du jeton ou d’une erreur de connexion.”

Can someone have a look please?

Note: when trying to connect I’m already logged at xwiki.org

I cleaned the weblate tokens associated with your (hopefully) xwiki.org profile.

Could you try again ?

If it still does not work, stop by the chat and we’ll try to debug that.


I confirm some changes but still not able to connect:

and after clicking on button “Accep risk and continue” I get a strange question about token I have accepted but login still fails (note: I’m already logged in at https://www.xwiki.org).

What do you propose, can you please give me more details about arranging a “chat”?

Actually, you are not supposed to get this in the first place. The authentication is supposed to lead you to https://www.xwikiorg-node1.xwikisas.com/xwiki so not sure how you can end up on https://xwikiorg-node1.xwikisas.com/xwiki (which indeed does not have a proper certificate).

You can take a look at Chat - XWiki.

So there was a problem in Weblate configuration (leading to the wrong endpoint as suggested by my previous message), it should be fixed now and work much better.

Nice I can log in now! Many thanks :pray:.