Unable to edit pages


Hi Team,
I installed xwiki. Everything seems to be working except editing any pages.

It keeps on be loading. Initially I have created one permanent directory and changed the directory immediately to a different one. Can you please help me to get this issue resolved? I have force cleared cache as well.xwiki


Even creating a new Main page is loading the same way. I have compared the permanent storage and synced. Still the same.



Which wiki is that ?

Without more details it feels like your wiki is not up to date so you get a mix of old and new WYSIWYG code, maybe you skipped the Distribution Wizard.


You could also try to force clean your browser cache and open the browser js console to see the errors you get and report here (but after the cache cleaning).


Thanks for your reply. I am using xwiki 10.7 version.
I have many exceptions when I try to clear cache and load the page again.


Well myxwiki.org farm is running 10.11.

Maybe you created your post in the wrong forum category and it’s not about myxwiki.org at all ?