Unable to go back from preview-mode to page-editing (XWiki 15.10.8)

There is no more return-button in “preview”-mode (in Url …/xwiki/bin/preview/… and …/xwiki/bin/edit/…).
The ability of switching back from preview- to edit-mode has gone. Once you hit the “Preview”-Button, you can not go back to edit or even worse, save your changes.
Of course you could use the browser-history, but it is not intuitive for normal users.


Hi, I do have the “Back to edit” button in Preview mode on a clean XWiki 15.10.8 instance, and it works as expected. Moreover, we have automated tests for the Preview mode that also test the “Back to edit” button so if there were a problem it would have been caught before releasing 15.10.8. You need to give us more details on how to reproduce the problem. Maybe it’s related to some customizations you did on top of XWiki?

Sorry, this had to do with the Default-XWiki-Theme. I changed it to Flamingo and now it works fine