Unable to search for extensions in the extension manager

Hi all,
I’ve a strange problem regarding extension management. My extension list seems to be missing almost every available extension… logfile does not show any errors.


Maybe sone of you has a clue what could cause that issue and how to fix it (maybe that’s a duplicate of Cannot search https://forum.xwiki.org/t/cannot-search-out-extensions-after-update-xwiki-version-to-10-11-10-or-11-10-1/6036out Extensions after update xwiki version to 10.11.10 or 11.10.1.

My current XWiki version is 11.10.2.

With kind regards

It’s not on your side. We have been having some issues with the search index located on xwiki.org lately. I restarted the indexing and it should be up to date in not too long hopefully (lots of stuff to index on xwiki.org).

Are you roughly able to tell how long this process will take to finish?

Hard to say because extensions are just a tiny part of xwiki.org index but it’s not really ordered so not really sure when exactly they will be indexed. In any case it should not be more than a few hours.

Was this issue resolved on the server-side of things?

I was looking for the Statistics Application extension in my xwiki 10.11.9 install this morning (Jan 21st), and noticed the same thing: basically all the available extensions I’d expect to find are not found.

Yes the issue appeared again today and the indexing is currently running.

It seems this problem still persists. I’m trying to install LDAP authenticator, but cannot find it.


Yes it came back again, we are on it.

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Yesterday evening it was operational again. Thanks!

Yes looks OK right now, hope it will last longer than last time…