Uninstalling Extensions Globally


The TLDR version of my question is, if I choose the Uninstall from farm option for the following apps/extensions, should they also be removed from subwikis?

  • Tour Application
  • Bootstrap Tour
  • Sandbox Application
  • Invitation Application
  • Share Page Application
  • Help Application

Details / Steps

What I’m experiencing is that for each of the applications above, when I choose the Uninstall from farm option, a red error message appears in the log output:

Extension [****] is not installed

I continue, the app is removed from the Top-Level wiki but, if I go to the subwiki, the apps are still installed.


XWiki: 13.10.5

  1. Fresh install XWiki
  2. Complete Distribution Wizard, selecting the Standard Flavour
  3. Add a subwiki, selecting the Standard Subwiki Flavour and mark the subwiki as a Template.
  4. Wait for subwiki to be created.
  5. Go back to top-level wiki.
  6. Uninstall the applications above using the Uninstall from farm option.
    • See red error message in log output.
  7. Go to subwiki
    • The tour will still load but if you go to the extensions management and search for the ones above, they will appear as being installed.

As I think of the process now, I can’t remember whether I’ve gone to the subwiki once it has been created or whether after the creation process says completed I go straight to the extension management to remove the apps/extensions. If I get chance, I’ll try out both the exact instructions above and the steps above but with visiting the subwiki after it’s created.

I make the point about visiting the subwiki because, when I was doing a v12 to v13 upgrade, I found that after the upgrade the apps above had been reinstalled. As such, I went to uninstall them again from the Top level wiki; however, when going to each subwiki, the apps were still there. What I found was that the upgrade process didn’t really “finish” on a subwiki until it was actually visited. The finishing of the upgrade process also reinstalled all the apps, even if they weren’t installed in the top-level wiki.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve just tried looking for another extension to uninstall.

From the top-level wiki, if I try the Uninstall from farm option, I get the following output:

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.27.36

If I don’t continue but instead go to a subwiki and look for JCaptcha Application, it is listed (please excuse the misaligned boxes, the subwiki is using a different theme and I’m still working out the kinks :slight_smile: )

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.28.11

If I proceed to uninstall the JCaptcha Application from the top-level wiki, I get the following screen:

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.32.37

Which does not list the subwiki for documents to be removed.

The uninstallation proceeds without issue.

If I then go to the subwiki and search for JCapture, it’s still listed as installed as the screenshot from my previous comment.