Unit Test Library choice

Hello all,

A unit test framework is essential to our tooling, and one that is able to test Vue 3 components.

I’ve compared the following libraries (design page):

Comparison matrix:

Library Acceptability License Module support Mocking support Typescript support Github start
Vitest accept default for Vue MIT accept yes accept yes accept yes 10.4k
Jest error no stable Javascript module support, but by far the most popular test library MIT error experimental accept yes accept yes
Mocha cancel no mocking support cancel no
AVA cancel no mocking support cancel no
uvu error less popular, one person project MIT accept yes cancel yes accept yes
Jasmine cancel no mocking support cancel no 2.9k

In conclusion, Vitest is the only library matching all our criteria.
Jest is a good candidate as it is very popular, but lack a stable module support, and is not providing a default support for components test.
uvu looks ok as well but is only supported by a single developer.

In conclusion, I suggest to select Vitest as our unit testing library.


+1 for vitest. This is not related to integration tests right ?

No, the integration test library proposal will follow asap, the design page is here.