Unknown macro plantuml

Hi there,
I installed the Extensions “plantuml macro” and “xuml” in my new xwiki.
But both extensions are not working, the pages show these error messages:

Unknown macro: xuml.
The "xuml" macro is not in the list of registered macros. Verify the spelling or contact your administrator.

Unknown macro: plantuml.
The "plantuml" macro is not in the list of registered macros. Verify the spelling or contact your administrator.

Both extensions are installed correctly (as much as I can see).

What causes these errors? Do I have to “restart” the xwiki somehow?


Hi sebeichholz, the macros are working just fine on a local instance. The problem is the server you are using the macro on. MyXWiki .org doesn’t grant Programming Rights on subwikis, because they are really powerful and could cause problems for the other hosted wikis on the farm, if they are not used accordingly.

Because of this missing right, some macros won’t work correctly. The Plantuml macro is a Groovy macro. Groovy macro requires programming rights and PR is only allowed to global users.

@tmortagne @evalica:

This is all mentioned on myxwiki.org ("You don’t have Programming Rights on your wiki for security reasons. This means you cannot install Extensions requiring Programming Rights or Extensions installing JARs, nor use privileged APIs inside scripts in wiki pages. ") but what could be not clear to users is to know which extensions require programming rights. One idea would be to introduce some metadata for extensions so that a XAR extension could tell EM whether it needs PR and if so, EM could prevent installing it if the current user doesn’t have PR. WDYT?

Not really sure about preventing installing, but sure we could mark the extensions that need PR. Same applies for a lot of other metadata needed, like needing the Script right, or if it was build for Colibri skin, or has pages in Syntax 1.0; Lots of metadatas needed. But I agree PR are kind of a blocker.

@vmassol sure XAR extension should probably declare in their descriptor that they require programming right.

@evalica you are mixing very different things, 1.0 Syntax is an extension you should have in your dependencies if you need it, Script right is not a problem since Admin right imply Script right so no, not that many metadata needed.

Do we have a way to do this right now? Is there an open jira for it? Thx

Thanks for your replies.
I thought if I can install the macro then it should work :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

No and no.

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