Upgrade fails every time

Hi there.

Every time I’m upgrading XWiki, the XWiki admin user is removed from the XWikiAdminUser group. This completely breaks the Wiki, and requires the use of the Superadmin account to complete the upgrade process.

I then have to give the regular admin account user-level permissions on the entire wiki to be able to get macros working again, then I can add the admin user to the admin group. Sometimes this works, sometimes I have to do the distribution wizard again, and repeat everything.

I rarely wait more than a few versions between upgrading, but this happens every time. The upgrade to 9.8.1 was significantly worse to fix.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi. This is very weird since the Distribution Wizard is not normally touching any group page.

Could you provide more information:

  • What version of XWiki are you upgrading from?
  • There’s no XWikiAdminUser group by default. Is that a group you added or did you mean XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup?
  • Could you navigate to the group page and check its history and verify a new revision was created by the upgrade and diff and save comment? For example for XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup the URL would be: http://<server>/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiAdminGroup#History



This time I upgraded from 8.1 to 9.8.1.
I’m guessing this is what I’m looking for in the XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup history?
“Version coming from extension XWiki Platform - Distribution - UI - Flavor Base 9.8.1”

Could you provide a screenshot of the version history please? (what you indicated is not enough).

I’ve deleted some empty lines, but here you go:


According to your screenshot there hasn’t been any modification to this group during the 9.8.1 upgrade, the last was for 8.1 (in which it’s indeed possible you had this issue if you upgraded from pre 8.0 because the XWiki.Amin user was removed from the default XWikiAdminGroup) and then it looks like modifications made by a user.

This is the comparison of the two newest versions:


The only thing added is “Xwiki.Admin”. everything else is removed.

Note that the “Version coming from extension XWiki Platform - Distribution - UI - Flavor Base 9.8.1” is not a real page revision. It doesn’t mean the page was modified. It has been put there (at the top of the table) so that you can compare with or rollback to the “factory” version. So your last screen shot doesn’t show “the comparison of the two newest versions”. It shows the comparison between the current version of the page (what you have in your wiki) and the clean/standard/factory version of the page from the extension that provides that page. It basically shows you the customizations done on that page.

The two newest versions are the ones selected by default when you look at the history.

Ah, I see.

Something wierd is still happening to this group during upgrades… The other groups I’ve created appears to function normally, this group is the only one that loses all its members.

I’ve found a workaround, but it requires a lot of messing around with permissions, and can take quite a few hours.

According to the history nothing was done during the upgrade for sure, maybe you have some script or extension which empty it.