Upgrade from xwiki 12.6.3 to 12.10.2

Is this possible to go directly to the new version or is it better to take smaller steps?

I’m using the docker images. No special plugins besides OIDC.


there’s no need to take smaller steps the upgrade process is meant to be executed between any version. Now you should review the migration notes in the release notes between 12.6.3 and 12.10.2 before performing it: that’s a general rule for any XWiki upgrade since it might contain some indications to avoid any problem during the migration.

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What @surli says.

If you don’t check out the release notes between versions, you may miss some of the changes that you are required to make in your configuration files that are needed over time.

I had a wiki that started having serious issues in one of the v11 versions, and it turned out that I had not done any of that since somewhere in a pre 11 version. Once I went through all the migration notes and made the overdue, but necessary fixes, those problems went away.

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To be fair with @pdwalker you tend to get used to the fact that it’s actually pretty rare to need to do manual changes for an upgrade, but it’s still safer to look at the release note plus you get to know the new features and improvements :wink:

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yes, we try to be as nice as possible with the xwiki users and perform upgrade changes automatically through automatic migrations for example (we spend a lot of time to achieve this!). :grinning:


oh! absolutely. It took over 2 years and 2 major revisions before it became a problem.

I now check every 2 or 3 minor revisions.