Upgrading to 64 bit ???

I have been running XWiki 10.6.1 on a 64 bit Windows VM with 32 bit java, with no issues except that the 32 bit java limits the working memory to about 1 gig.

In consequence, I have installed 64 bit java.

XWiki works perfectly with this change, as far as I can tell, with the single exception that the LDAP login is broken.

I can log in using a local Admin account, but LDAP login attempts give me the ‘Invalid credentials’ message. If I uninstall 64 bit java and go back to 32, everything returns to normal and I can once again log in using LDAP.

This is very mysterious to me since it only appears to affect the LDAP. Does anyone have an idea what might be happening here?

You should enable debug log to check exactly what is failing during the authentication.