URL Encoding Problem

Hello all,
I’m migrating a xwiki server, and I see a difference on links generated by the same code:
$response.sendRedirect($xwiki.getURL($targetDocName, ‘inline’, “template=${request.template}&parent=$escapetool.url(${docParent})&title=$escapetool.url($docName)$!{defaultId}&sessionReview=${request.itemSession}”))

On server with version 6.3 the link was

Now on version 12.10.4 the same code generates the link

This means the url link is not beeing encoded like “-” should be “%2D” and “{” should be “%7B”

Is the function getURL() that changed between versions and I’ve to adapt the code, or is something else ?

Thank for your time

Does anyone can help me?

I don’t think you really need to encode - in a URL, so the previous version was actually encoding too much it seems.

I don’t see anything in your code to encode this value, so the current behavior make sense and what I don’t understand is your previous behavior. You should use $escapetool.url(${request.itemSession}) to make sure the value of the itemSession request parameter is properly escaped (and same for any variable for which you don’t really know what it’s going to contain).

thank you for your input.

In fact the $escapetool.url(${request.itemSession}) works, it solved.
There should be a difference between versions on the way the encode is done.

Thank you very much